POGs Battle


The 90s are back, in the form of pogs!


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POGs Battle is a game that invites you to take part in exciting games of pogs. Never played pogs before? It’s really quite simple: you have to throw your pog against the pog tower and you get to keep all the ones you've flipped over. Then, your rival gets a chance to do the same and win the pogs he's flips over.

In order to throw your pog against the tower, you just have to slide your finger downwards with all your might. You can also move your pog from one side to the other before throwing it, but your main objective is to throw it against the tower so you can flip over as many of your opponent's pogs as possible.

One of the most entertaining parts about playing POGs Battle is collecting as many pogs as you can. But it won’t be easy. The reason there are more than 100 different pogs is that every time you lose a battle, you’ll lose the pogs you bet on it.

POGs Battle is a really unique game that lets you play with virtual pogs. It looks like the 90s are coming back strong!

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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